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Activate “ALL” your Clients on Muharat Trading in a single click!

Dear Sub-Brokers & Dealers. Grab the exceptional  offer from FTR bulk orders this diwali and activate all your clients in a single click. Punch multiple client orders into ODIN, NEST, or any other trading terminal. Start  trading with Stop loss orders punched along with regular orders at once. Cut losses for your clients. Grab the […]

FTR Pro Release a great success! 900 clients added !!

FTR Pro Bulk Orders for ODIN, NEST, NOW, DION turned out to be a great success with 900 annual subscriptions from all over India coming in one week. The much anticipated version was released one week in advance and was provided for trial to existing customers who overwhelmingly provided necessary feedback to modify the features […]

FTR Bulk Orders Pro Released with database on Cloud Servers

The newly upgraded Pro version comes along with the features that are dream to every Sub Broker and Dealer with added advantage of Cloud servers. The upgraded version  features BUY/SELL at Market for Multiple/Selected/All Clients at Market. Dealers and Sub-Brokers can now punch orders for multiple clients at market price so that not only Orders […]

Put Multiple Client Orders into ODIN at once.

Put Multiple Client Orders into ODIN at once. Put Multiple Client Orders into ODIN, NOW, NEST, DION or any other Trading Terminal at Once