FTR Thunder beta release in process.

FTR Thunder, beta release is in process. Existing users of FTR Bulk Orders Pro, can now participate in testing beta version of the Real Time Auto Trading Utility.

The beta utility will not send orders to market but all the orders shall be sent to the server which will act like dummy exchange.

As usual the Sub Brokers and dealers will now be able to handle their entire branch operations with limited man power and with precise precision and complete peace of mind.

This version shall include orders for multiple clients along with stop loss and target price. The Bulk Orders facility for multiple clients is also restored and is the key feature of this product. The stop loss shall automatically get cancelled once the target is reached and vice versa i.e the target price shall get cancelled once stop loss is hit.

Those users of FTR Pro desirous of participating may pls contact Dr. Prasenjeet.


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