FTR Pro Release a great success! 900 clients added !!

FTR Pro Bulk Orders for ODIN, NEST, NOW, DION turned out to be a great success with 900 annual subscriptions from all over India coming in one week.

The much anticipated version was released one week in advance and was provided for trial to existing customers who overwhelmingly provided necessary feedback to modify the features required by all traders sub brokers and portfolio managers.

The upgraded version of Bulk Orders Utility consists host of features like Market Order for All/Selected Clients, Only SL orders for All/ Selected Clients, Rapid Orders with Market BUY/SELL ,StopLoss & Target all three in one go for All/Selected Clients. Multiple Lots Orders for Selected/All Clients.

The most fascinating feature is the EXCEL to ODIN|NOW|NEST|DION trading orders.

I am indeed very indebted and very grateful to all the Sub Brokers Dealers & Portfolio Managers whose invaluable inputs made me able to create such a productive utility. Special mention to Shri Rohit Mallik from New Delhi ,Shri Sanket Sane from Kolhapur Shri Sujith Vijayan from Kerela, for providing me immense support & feedback during the development period.

From all of the development team at Thank you Thank you very much patrons.

Dr. Prasenjeet J. B.


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