FTR Bulk Orders Pro Released with database on Cloud Servers

The newly upgraded Pro version comes along with the features that are dream to every Sub Broker and Dealer with added advantage of Cloud servers.

The upgraded version  features BUY/SELL at Market for Multiple/Selected/All Clients at Market. Dealers and Sub-Brokers can now punch orders for multiple clients at market price so that not only Orders to Client ratio is 100% but Orders to Trade ratio is also 100%. This comes with additional safety measure of applying Stop Loss order to the market buy and sell transactions.

The most cherished feature is the multiple lots buy/sell transactions where the sub broker can punch orders for multiple clients with multiple increments lot size.

The sub brokers can also punch the RAPID ORDERS where the trade executes at market price for all / multiple / selected clients and a stop loss put in place along with target price instantly and simultaneously.

To get the first hand experience of the ease and simplicity please now and get a demonstration.

I promise you will be left Amazed! with the speed and simplicity of punching multiple client bulk orders across all segments in ODIN NOW NEST DION or any other trading terminal.


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