FTR Bulk Orders Pro Beta Version Released.

The much excited and eagerly awaited FTR Bulk Orders Pro is released in Beta version. With the release of this Dealers and Sub-Brokers are now able to punch market orders for multiple clients so to execute the trade lightning fast.

This feature allows the Dealer to apply Stop Loss to the order placed within prescribed limits and hence is not required to conduct another exercise to apply the Stop Loss to the posted orders.

new version


The most exciting feature of this utility is that the Dealers /Sub Brokers can avail the Pro version at the cost of Lite Version by booking it at pre-release stage.

Pls contact to our Channel Partners and Support Staff to get your copy today.



  1. Pls tell me where to obtain the copy. Pls inform if you provide trial. I am interested in Bulk Orders for ODIN software.

    1. Pls contact 09372367850 to get a demo first and if you are satisfied with the working of how to punch multiple clients orders in odin/nest then you can subscribe to it by making the full payment.
      Pls Contact 09372367850 Prasenjeet or Contact 09567086622 Sujith Vijayan or 09762449044 Patel or 09811390449 Rohit Mallik

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